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Photo listing: cycleways (problem)

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Road needs cycleways

Road 18m wide - wide enough for better pavements & cycleways on both sides

No cycling infrastructure to connect cycle way to the north with the shared-use path to the south. NEEDS a parallel crossing to the right the priorities pedestrians and cyclists to conform to LTN1/20

No LTN1/20 compliant cycling infrastructure, just some fragmented and crap "shared-use" paths. This needs segregated cycling lanes (NOT PAINT) to protect cyclists while maintaining directness.

Car-centric through traffic roundabout with no LTN1/20 compliant infrastructure for cycling. Incredibly dangerous. Council could have got surrounding developers to pay for cycling infrastructure here but decided not to because their traffic … [more]

The ford here could be replaced with a bridge to facilitate safer, off road access to the railway track cycle and footpaths from New Brancepeth.

New Brancepeth could be directly linked to the former railway cycle paths heading into Langley Moor and Durham City, via Mill Lane. This is already a public footpath, and Mill Lane itself can be cycled, but gates, the bridge and paths … [more]

LNER need to make their Azumas able to easily take tandem bicycles so disabled people are not discrimintated against when they ride with thier partners. The old trains allowed us to reach cities on your route and we no longer can, bad for … [more]

Link the Lanchester Valley Walk to the Whitesmock area in Durham to encourage cycling into Durham from surrounding areas, especially to secondary schools and train station

Need a cycle lane here to improve the safety of the cyclists.

At the moment there are steps here but a little work would open up Priory Road as a cycleway and move it off of the main road with very little detriment. Making Priory Road one way for cars would also be sensible near the shops and still … [more]

Repair and reopen the 'pipe bridge' in Raintonpark Wood as this would offer a safer route for walkers and cyclists than the Cocken Bridge Road.

Parking in this area is dangerous (even following the adding of double yellow lines). Make the narrowest part of the parking area somewhere for bikes also consider how this road can be made safer for cyclists.

There is a well used footpath through this area that leads to the car park at the former DLI. It would create a more direct route to the railway station if this was surfaced and made suitable for bikes. It would also form a good access … [more]

Use the old incline to create a path down from the top of the viaduct to the river. This could be either just for walkers or also made suitable for bikes. If work was then done through Kepier Wood and towards the old Hospital it could make … [more]

Cut back vegetation along shared cycle/walking path beside A688. Especially at rdbt as it is a blind turn.

Make this little used path multi use to allow cyclists to get off the busy road.

Zebra crossing or traffic calming here as cars drive too fast and they have poor visibility of anyone crossing the road.

Dangerous crossing on C2C. Needs provision for pestrians and cyclists to cross safely.

Busy roundabout on busy cycle route which forms part of the C2C. Being at the center of the main shopping district in the town, it is also a popular and essential route for pedestrians and cyclists shopping in the area. Traffic is extremely … [more]

Residential streets, useful for safe cycling away from the main road. However these streets remain busy with sometimes fast traffic. Preventing through traffic by placing barriers at strategic points will stop motor vehicles taking … [more]

Barrier here affecting both cycle traffic continuing on the C2C or joining from Gill Street. These barriers prevent various traffic, such as bicycle trailers, cargo bikes, mobility scooters, wheelchairs, etc. This is a primary cycle route … [more]

Current traffic calming measures, mainly in the form of parking spaces protected by islands and bollards, make multiple pinch points throughout Dipton for cyclists to navigate. These can be dangerous and stressful for cyclists while … [more]

No provision for cycling here on fast and busy road. Only alternative is a detour along C2C and Pontop Pike road, where the gradient is completely unsuitable for most people using cycling as a means of transport. This is a primary route and … [more]

As a new convert to cycling my issue in Aycliffe is that whilst there are some good cycleways they overall provision appears not to be joined up into an overall coordinated plan which links these cycle ways together. This is particularly … [more]

Getting across town from east to west via Milburngate and/or Elvet bridge is difficult and dangerous. Open up framwellgate bridge as shared walking/cycleway and link Silver street to marketplace and Claypath or Old Elvet Bridge

I live in Ouston and would love to cycle to work but Greenford Lane which links us to Team Valley (where cycling gets better) is a very narrow, and very busy Road with many bends and blind corners. The alternative to to cycle via Birtley … [more]

Busy road with heavy trucks making it dangerous for cyclists

Better connection from settlements to existing railway path cycleway so they can be promoted for commuting rather just for pleasure purposes

Better cycle links and cycle storage to station and at station promoting sustainable, travel into city.

Needs proper segregation to address concerns from pedestrians

This is one of the most dangerous crossings on C2C maybe add signal controlled cycle crossing.

Close this road to through traffic or make one way. It's a quiet route for cyclists trying to avoid traffic on main Stanley road.

Road surface at top of hill dangerously broken and potholed, forcing cyclists to slow right down and swerve all over road.

Safe crossing for cyclists needs to be made available at this roundabout which is heavily used by fast moving traffic.

Existing dual use footpath inadequate for both cycles and pedestrians, also poorly maintained.

Footpath here used as unofficial cycle path, make it officially dual use.

This is a busy road well used by cyclists however traffic travels at speed and vegetation on roadside going uphill makes travel dangerous. Road is on poor condition with sunken drainage grilles.

This is a busy road well used by cyclists however traffic travels at speed and vegetation on roadside going uphill makes travel dangerous.

Narrow busy road and path from uni to maiden castle

Crossing of roads require priority for pedestrians and bikes. The number of people using this off-road path has increased dramatically.

Gravel path is no good for cycling - a tarmacced cycle path would be ideal

The gravel path is no good for cycling on and the road is too busy with very fast moving traffic - I got my @rse smacked by a car wing mirror - how close was I to losing my life!

B1285 / Westlea Road needs protected space to help children cycle safely to & from local schools - particularly when travelling uphill.

The path is too narrow for cyclists and pedestrians. The cycle path ends very quickly with no warning. There is some grass, between the path and road to the carpark. Could the grass be made into path, to extend the circle path to the … [more]

Cycleway here needs to be continued Eastbound to connect to cycleway near A19 junction, enabling cycling on segregated cyclepaths between Sedgefield, NCN1 and Billingham

Existing crossing is badly sited and makes it very hard and unsafe to cross the carriageway.

Existing cycleway between Sedgefield and Wynyard needs widening and complete resurfacing in order to be safely useable.

The dualled section of the A177 encourages speeding by motor vehicles. Could one carriageway be converted to a bus and cycle lane?

Make path wider where possible between Tursdale roundabout and new amazon roundabout to improve social distancing and encourage increased use of this route.

Improve surface at Eastern end of existing footpath and make it a Bridleway or Byway to allow cyclists to use it

There is ample room for a cycle lane heading north, uphill if the parking bays were suspended

The whole of Newton Hall estate should be 20mph zone as has been implemented in Gilesgate estate. Currently unsafe for cyclists and appalling for children playing.

This cycle path between Newton Hall and the DLI is quite heavily used and is popular with Cyclists and walkers. However the surface is rapidly deteriorating and making it less attractive to use.

Dedicated cycle access needed to the new Aykley heads business park. This junction is busy at peak times and can be dangerous.

Turn this into a cycle route, joining the route past Aykley heads. Accessibility from the junction and signposting would need improvement

This barrier on a hill is hard to navigate with a standard bike, let alone a cargo bike or towing a trailer. Can the chicane be removed and a bollard be placed to prevent cyclists shooting out onto the road

Cycle route end here facing into oncoming traffic. Cycle route either needs to be extended along the pavement (and surface improved) or priority crossing for cyclists to join the road on the other side

So there is a shared path used by cyclists and pedestrians but is far too narrow. It is wide enough for one bike at best.

So this is popular route for both walkers and cyclists but it is a bit narrow when it is busy. Simply cutting the bushes back would make a big difference.

Cycle way is needed to provide safety at roundabout

Road narrows under bridge, making cycling unsafe. Traffic calming measures and road markings

Make the full of this road accessible for cyclists rather than only the top half

Wall obscured vision where cycle way joins road. Accident waiting to happen.

Add a better crossing/redesign the current failing crossing for the c2c i.e make it a zebra crossing

Cycle lane disappears where crossing is.

Add a Cycle lane on this roundabout

Create a cycle path and footpath and make these roads a one way system to motor traffic

A167 cycleway ends here. Where cyclists need support most. This roundabout is very busy and motorists fly round. Light timing sometimes strands cyclists in middle of roundabout. Need to be a safe crossing here.

The track is a natural bridleway route between all points in the Durham area and Haswell. It should be reclassified from footpath to bridleway.

Cycle way from a167 crosses road. Cycled need to given priority as motorists driving southbound on a167 no not always indicate and I have nearly been wiped out a few times when crossing. Ped /cycle xing required

One way traffic down Lower Gilesgate-Claypath to allow for a safe cycle path on either side of the road

The cycle lane peters out here and is badly designed across the exit to the school. An improved lane is needed and joining to other cycle routes, with clear signage

Cyclepath needed on the northbound side of the road to allow pupils at NX School to cycle on this pavement. It is easire to cross one set of traffic lights than 4 at the X roads

More clear space needed for cycling from Train Station to University Science Site

The path is too narrow for pedestrians to share with speeding cyclists - there is no chance of social distancing on such a narrow path when they are riding at such speed and you can’t hear them approaching. It is so VERY dangerous even for … [more]

It’s a 40mph road. I cycle to work from Woodham. Woodham way is wide enough, but the road surface for cycling is positively dangerous. At the junction of Kings drive and Woodham Way, the patchworked and uneven tarmac makes cycling very … [more]

This part of the NCN1 is poorly maintained and often strewn with glass making if difficult to cycle along. There is also a boardwalk section which is narrow and badly maintained. Can this be improved please?

Can the footpath here be made multi use please. It doesn't get much use by pedestrians and I use it going south to get around the roundabout towards Spennymoor as it is dangerous for cyclists!

Cycling uphill here from Lanchester railway path is particularly difficult with cars coming too close and too fast trying to race the lights. Needs a rethink as it is a dangerous junction. Perhaps a cycle lane.

Can signage be added to make this route multi use please? It is a good route for cyclists to access the industrial estate.

Can this route be used as a cycle route to help keep people off the busy roads around Spennymoor please? Better signage might help?

Vehicles parked here block the existing cycle route up to the primary school. Can road markings/signage/etc be used to prevent this from happening please?

Can this path be available for cyclists travel up the hill to connect with the end of the Auckland Walk cycleway please?

The path is very narrow in this area and it is impossible to do social distancing when there are runners and cyclists around. It would also help to put up a sign to show people what 2m look like as we had quite a few incidences where people … [more]

The shared use cycle/pedestrian path here is dangerous for both parties. Really steep hill so bikes gather speed coming up to the roundabout, plus loads of pedestrians going into and from town and Hild Bede. Need some sort of marking on the … [more]

Bikes emerging here from the village green area on to the main road cannot see anything coming from the right because of the parked cars. Perhaps a mirror or sensor traffic lights would let cyclists know when it is safe to join the main … [more]

Bikes going downhill here towards maidencastle need to be able to safely slow down and turn into the path through the woods. This is a problem because of the speed of the cars as already suggested, but it is also a problem of accessing the … [more]

Shared cycle/pedestrian path. Overgrown trees mean that you can't see bikes and pedestrians coming round the corner. Slope means bikes could be going at speed.

While there *is* a 'cycleway', the surface is terrible, it's far too narrow, and parts are very overgrown. From roughly the marked point to the Lanchester Road Hospital.

Cycleway heading North up the A691 ends here. Extend up the B6532 for access to Framwellgate.

Enable cycle access to the site via the one way bus entrance.

Continue path as a cycle way on east of river up to access belmont industrial estate, would be perfect for future bicycle deliveries as well as access for commuters to belmont, carville etc

Sprinwell road is particularly difficult to cross when on a bike, low visibility, no dropped curb.

This area is the 'Great Northern Cycleway' but lack of visibility and difficult curbs make it difficult for cyclists, shared path with pedestrians make school times difficult to navigate

Difficult to access bike paths from the west of A167

Single path used as cycle path causing safety issues. Route is a motorway for people exercising.

Link for proposed Belmont Viaduct route. Compulsary Purchase Order if necessary - using council powers.

Make this a 2-way junction for cyclists.

How about a cycleway from Newton Hall to the railway station, following the railway, so that there are no hills. This would then be a short easy journey, and encourage people to use the train.

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