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Photo listing: tracks (problem)

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Pedestrian crossings really badly timed. Needs better timings.

Pavement could be wider in the available road space.

Narrow entrance to junction

No pedestrian crossing

Pavement far too narrow for level of foot traffic

Cycling from Ouston to Team Valley is a nightmare, no path, no cyclepath, very busy commuter route, more people would use this route for cycling and/or walking

No pavement

This section of the railway path is poorly maintained and exceptionally wet and muddy, when compared to other railway tracks like the Bishop Aukland and Lanchester routes. This path provides the only pedestrian route between New Brancepeth … [more]

This path should be improved as it provides a vital pedestrian link between Durham City and New Brancepeth. It is frequently flooded and muddy. Land registry appears to suggest this side of the river is not privately owned.

There is no path for around 0.9km between Alum waters and Langley Hall Farm. A path here would allow people in the village of New Brancepeth to walk and cycle to support local shops and businesses in nearby Langley Moor high street, instead … [more]

Road difficult to cross due to traffic backing up from the bridge and at junction for Gibside National Trust.

Open up this prison land officially to walker as a way to link to the new Woodland Trust site that is being developed between this pond and the River Wear.

Purchase land for proper access along this stretch of the river to provide a good link between Finchale and Rainton Park Wood. This would help open up this stretch of the river.

Creating a footpath from the end of the Kepier Wood through to Rainton Park Wood would make a new corridor for walkers away from traffic. I know lots of people who used to walk this route.

Step slippy bank but lower route can be blocked by high river levels. It would be nice if some steps were added in this location. The upper path is also eroding away at places and quite slanted which makes it hard to use - especially for … [more]

No pavement along busy winding Road

Cut hedges back as they are growing over path reducing space to walk on path.

Remove the pavement parking and install bollards, this will create a public open space for community use and allow local businesses to if they wish setup outdoor seating.

Traffic volume and speed is generally low here. However, a minority of speeding motorists and a sense of entitlement on the road can be enough to make it uncomfortable for both pedestrians and cyclists. I think this would be a great place … [more]

Cars parked on path making it impossible to pass with a wheelchair or buggie. Forcing people onto a dangerous main road. It can be improved by fining people for blocking the pavement.

Stop cars parking on the paths it makes it very difficult if not impossible to get passed when you're on a mobility scooter.

Footpath crosses road on blind bend. Better signage, speed limits needed. Posible extension of pavement on both sides of road.

Footpath crosses road on blind bend. Better signage, hedge maintenance, speed limits needed

Footpath crosses road on a blind bend. Better signage, speed restrictions needed etc.

Pathways too narrow outside of the schools. Widely used route for shops etc. There is a grass area where the grass is always trampled down to soil anyway and unsightly so why not use that to widen the path right up to the silver tree school … [more]

Heavily used pedestrian walkway is not wide enough for access to shops. Can’t cross paths with someone without stepping into a parking bay. Force Co-op to buy land adjacent for a car park and get rid of the parking bays in front of the … [more]

Pavement is too narrow on this corner for pedestrians wanting to cross paths. It is not helped by the massive overgrown hedge on the corner that reduces visibility for pedestrians and drivers alike.

This section of footpath needs widening. With a 6ft fence on one side and grass/overgrown bushes that no one takes ownership of, the path becomes narrow and it is hard to see people coming up the path. I have had to stand in a bush or walk … [more]

Remove the path or add a stop railing at the bottom before it crosses the road on Eshwood view. Young Kids zoom down this hill on bikes and skateboards and often do not stop before going across the road. It is only a matter of time before … [more]

Pavement too narrow over the bridge and cars not restricted. Need a passing point system to prevent road accidents and a barrier to protect pedestrians over the bridge. Reduce speed limit between Station Road and New Brancepeth to 30mph

The footpath is far too narrow alongside Broom Lane. This prevents people in wheelchairs and people with double push chairs walking the route to perhaps reach the picnic area.

Daughter is a wheelchair user. More dropped kerbs are needed.

The railway paths aren’t wide enough. Even before social distancing the paths were a constant hazard. Combined use by bicycles and walkers makes it a nightmare for safety. Electric bikes need to be banned on this route given they hit … [more]

All paths between squares are overgrown and as the grass cutters dont clean the paths when they are done it is very slippery when wet. They also need bollards or some kind of cut off to stop motorcyclist cutting through them.

The path all along Sleetburn Lane heading to Langley Moor needs updating as most of the narrow path is overgrown

Illegal parking double yellow lines needed it a serious accident spot especially when Children leave school

Widen the path past the ponds could help with social distancing

The path is definitely not wide enough for the college kids and passing adults

Make pavement wider and dual use add dropped kerbs at various points to improve for walkers and cyclists

Make pavement wider and dual use add dropped kerbs at various points to improve for walkers and cyclists

Pavement too narrow on South Side of road. Needs proper cycle path adding on North or South side to join dual use path on A167 to Dual use path that follows old path of A688 to Metal Bridge

Crossing this roundabout is a nightmare at times for pedestrians, as traffic can be heavy and fast. Controlled crossings would be very helpful on both approaches from the A690.

There is no cycle friendly route from Sacriston to Black Boy roundabout which would be useful for the FE college students. There is a rubble footpath that could be resurfaced to make a shared cycle/pedestrian route.

This shared cycle & pedestrian path is too narrow and often overgrown. From the junction of Trout Lane right through to the roundabout at the Red Tile garage.

The shared path for cyclsts and walkers is too narrow between the A691 roundabout and the Durham Johnston. There is ample room to widen

Pedestrian crossings as crossing here is extremely dangerous.

High fences make blind spot for cyclists and motorists when crossing here. Risk of life for vulnerable road users

Ped xing is inadequately signed, buses often do not stop for pedestrians. Very dangerous.

People walking, jogging and cycling on the pavements of Durham Road and Station Road in Sedgefield cannot pass each other with 2 m of separation without moving into the roads. Given the size of peripheral housing estates, the return of … [more]

This bit of path needs widening. It is next to a very busy main road. It's too narrow for the amount of school children and parents using it at once.

Priority should be given to pedestrians to make it a safe walking path and to give them time to move to ensure social distancing is maintained and there needs to be a permanent speed limit for cyclists - at present it is absolutely … [more]

There is lots of great walking routes from Bowburn but there's no path on this road to get to them!

We need a pavement both sides of the new link road

It's almost impossible to walk on this tiny narrow pavement in the rain without getting soaked by cars splashing through puddles. It's a very busy pedestrian route for students and children, with hardly any space. This road should be … [more]

Open this lovely footpath for the public. The land is currently leased by "Fell and Fly" fishing club from Frankland farm, and they're not welcoming to the public. However, the council should agree a lease, open it up, and it would be … [more]

Too narrow for social distancing

It is too narrow for proper social distancing

Pedestrian crossing needed here outside Lidl, it is possible to be trapped with endless traffic and no way of crossing in any direction. This whole area is impossible on foot, but this is a particular problem area.

This is a very thin pathway between houses, where you can't see who is coming around the corner. It should be one-way (people wanting to go the other way can just take the slightly longer route via Leazes Lane)

Path very narrow next to busy road with no path on other side

Poor footpaths on this well used route

Pavement access outside school is appalling. Traffic too busy around school drop off and pick up. Deter car usage and provide better pavements and cycle paths for the children in the surrounding areas.

Traffic too fast over bridge. Not safe for DJ students to cross to reach path on other side.

Pavement narrow here when it's shared with bikes. Make corner tighter coming off A167 so traffic is slowed down. Then can give some space to bikes on road and make it safer for everyone.

Shrubs cut back and original path width reinstated.

Shrubs cut back and original path width reinstated.

Too high speed limit on the road, especially outside of a school and inadequate paths to enable children to bike to school.

If the council came and moved the overgrowth on the existing paths it would make a tremendous difference as the original width of the paths would be returned so people could walk and pass each other safely. It wouldn’t take them very long … [more]

One way system along all of blind lane to allow social distancing at school start and finish times

A167 pathway needs trees & hedges cut back. Overflowing pavement area

Remove guard rail and widen pavement.

Missing section of foot/cycleway on east side of adopted highway

Footway overgrown and no longer passable by 2 people in opposite direction - over hanging vegetation (tree branches and herbaceous weeds) and resurfacing needed

Bridleway overgrown and no longer identifiable as a definitive route

Adopted footway overgrown and no longer passable by 2 people in opposite direction - reintroduce street lighting

Adopted footway overgrown and no longer passable by 2 people in opposite direction - over hanging vegetation (tree branches and herbaceous weeds)

The paths along the length of the Great Aycliffe Way are too narrow and overgrown, and are dangerously neglected in some parts. People are not able to pass each other safely in some areas, so the paths need to be widened and overgrown … [more]

Deep holes, surface coming away, dangerous and too narrow for passing on this pedestrian bottleneck. It's the path that runs from the road and finishes alongside 40 Bluebell Close Newton Aycliffe DL5 7LN, about 20m needs widening and … [more]

Make this wheelchair accessible

Pedestrian crossing required - none exists.

Add a pedestrian crossing so cars going in direction North stop. Pedestrians cannot see if cars are coming due to the design of the road.

Pavement only wide enough for people to walk in single file

Road is too fast. Difficult to cross to access footpaths at various locations.

A footpath or cycleway from Churchill Terrace to Haswell Plough would mean people could walk between the two villages, and also connect up with the bridle paths and footpaths either side of this stretch of the B1283 - and make it safer to … [more]

Pavement really narrow, nearly hit by traffic trying to pass people walking here. Number of people walking up here to the farm shop

Bushes on both sides of path overgrown making for only 3feet wide at body level. Difficult to pass others here without getting very close

Pavement needs resurfacing and bushes cut back, particularly near the railway bridge

Need more pavement outside shops.

Need to slow traffic here to let people cross to footpaths safely. And bikes turning. Mini roundabout maybe?

Pavement shared with bikes doesn't work with social distancing.

The pavement from the bottom of Toll House Road to Bearpark is quite narrow & is further encroached & narrowed by overgrown shrubbery & grass. At the least the shrubbery should be cut back & the path edged. However, it is still likely that … [more]

There is a really wide verge along the A167 between NX and Crossgate Moor, but the footpath itself is only about 1m wide in places. This is a really well-used footpath, especially used by parents and children walking to NX school. Can it be … [more]

There is a really handy footpath up from the river here, but there are large stone bollards where it crosses the stone walls. Can the bollards be removed to allow cyclists and buggies to get through? This would improve connectivity with the … [more]

At the entrance to Duresme Court, the footpath is constantly blocked by delivery vehicles and taxis that need to visit the premises but can't get through the security gates. There is also a bus stop here, which is barely used because it's … [more]

Pavement is too narrow for the number of students and others who use it

Needs a pedestrian phase adding to the traffic lights

No pavement on this side of the road, which means multiple road crossings in order to get to Crook Hall

Pavement needed

Narrow fast road and no pavement. Many people have been walking this way. But only a grass verge.

Fast road and no pavement.

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